Top 10 Reasons Why You Quit

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Have you ever started a big project and quit? Nearly everyone has. It can be frustrating. There are many reasons people quit, but what’s most important is identifying the unique reason that you quit. Identifying the problem helps to identify the solution.

Consider where your life would be if you never quit anything. It’s scary to think about how much you would have accomplished.

Why do you quit? Consider these reasons:

  1. You’re afraid you’ll fail. It’s common to be afraid of failing, but what are you actually afraid of?
    • Are you afraid of what others think? You might be surprised at how little other people care. Everyone else is far too concerned with their own lives.
    • Are you worried that you’re not good enough? Maybe you’re not right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn from your short-term failure and use it to be successful next time.
  2. You’re afraid you’ll succeed. This one might be surprising, but many people are afraid of success. It can be comfortable to continue living the life you’re living. In order to succeed, you must be more attracted to growth and adventure than you are to comfort.
  3. You’re uncomfortable with uncertainty. Does an uncertain future drive you crazy? Remember that the best things in life are often uncertain. If you’re successful, you’ve gained a lot. If you’re not, at least you haven’t lost anything. You have everything to gain!
  4. You’re not motivated enough to put in the necessary work. Maybe your objective just isn’t attractive enough to you to warrant the time and effort it requires. Think about what you’re going to gain if you keep on going. If that’s not enough to energize you, perhaps a different goal would be more appropriate.
  5. You’re unclear about what you want. You might be working hard, but if you’re uncertain about your objective, it can be challenging to keep going. For example, you might be studying biology in college, but if you’re not certain whether you want to be a doctor, chiropractor, professor, or nurse, it can be hard to do your best work.
  6. Insufficient results or reward. Maybe you’ve been toiling away for a while, but you haven’t gotten anything out of it yet. This is common when starting a small business. You might be putting in a lot of hours, but you’re not making any money yet. The solution is to keep your eyes on the long-term outcome you desire.
  7. Feeling overwhelmed. When you have too much on your plate, the overwhelm you feel can be too much to handle. Try to cut back on other areas of your life that aren’t critical. Another option is to learn how to handle stress more effectively.
  8. Procrastination. Procrastination is a habit. Entire books have been written on procrastination, so there’s plenty of information on the topic. One quick tip is to remember that procrastination is largely about getting started. Focus on just getting started, and the rest will often take care of itself.
  9. Listening to the wrong people. Those around you often want you to stay the same. Get your advice from experts in your chosen field who want you to succeed.
  10. Distractions. If there’s too much going on in your life, you’ll struggle. Simplify your life and put your toys away.

Quitting is the enemy of success. It’s not easy to fail if you never quit, so learning how to continue when you feel like quitting is important. Learn why you quit and take the appropriate countermeasures. You’ll improve your odds of success a thousand-fold.

Read This Later - Click Here Get A PDF

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