The Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

The benefits of fish oil supplements should not outweigh the need to understand how these supplements should work or provide essential nutrients for the human body.

Although it is a general notion for nutrition experts to insist on regular food as the common and most basic source of vitamins and minerals important for the human body, fish oil supplements, be it in liquid or solid form, are needed to ensure a holistic enrichment and nourishment for the body.

Fish oil supplementation is ideally beneficial by providing for what the regular or daily diet may not provide, it can also be a preventive measure against diseases and illnesses.

Essentially, fish oil supplements are meant to complement a diet, not as a substitute for it, as what many believe to be the case. Since plant foods still contain many nutrients, among them phytochemicals, that still cannot be substituted or generated through synthetic means.

Why the need for fish oil supplements? Take for instance these circumstances;

Infants that are being breast-fed need to have their regular source of iron, especially when they reach their four to six months, since breast milk only provides little iron. This is where iron supplementation comes in with baby milk formula or alternative sources like fortified cereal meals or baby food.

Children also need fluoride supplementation to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Pregnant women need multivitamin-mineral supplementation, to ensure that their nutrient levels are met for the development of the fetus inside the womb. Among those that need supplementation are increased levels of folate to prevent birth defects, as well as increased amounts of vitamins like B6, C and D and minerals like calcium, copper, iron and zinc.

For children who are picky eaters, they need to have their regular dosage of the required vitamins and minerals to ensure better growth and brain development.

Breastfeeding mothers also need supplementation, since they need increased amounts of essential nutrients that depletes during the process of breastfeeding. Among those are vitamins B6, C and D, as well as calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium.

Even vegetarians are not exempt from the need to take in supplements, since they do not get all the essential nutrients only from vegetables, especially for growing vegan children who need to have the nutrients provided by dairy products, meat, poultry and fish.

Also those above the age of 50 have special needs for some nutrients that they need more of and some that they need less. Seniors need to have more vitamins B6, B12 and D, as well as folate. Postmenopausal women also need the supplement their calcium intake to lessen the risk of osteoporosis.

Alternative fish oil supplementation is a must to ensure a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but don’t be fooled by mass media advertising campaigns or too-good-to-true offers, since not all those supplements found in the market are what it seems to declare or state.

Be cautious. It does not mean that because it is cheaper than others you get good value for your money. It is best to investigate first.

Also try to seek advice from a nutritionist, dietitian or your physician as to what your body needs and does not need to have, since they may be able to help you establish what you need supplemented or fortified.

The benefits of fish oil supplements is indeed good for the body, but take note that anything good taken in excess can end up to negative results.

Mastering the Art of Conversation

While some seem to be born with the gift of eloquence, most of us aren’t. Fortunately, being a great conversationalist is a learnable skill. You can learn to talk with anyone about anything, and do so with ease.

Being a great communicator is an important skill. The ability to share ideas and influence people is invaluable. It’s also a great way to learn about various topics and foster strong friendships. Imagine the benefits to your social life alone if you were able to master the art of conversation.

Develop these skills and you’ll be a master communicator:

1. Be a good listener. Most people fail to truly listen. Instead, they’re merely biding their time until it’s their turn to talk again. Pay attention to what the other person is saying. It’s obvious to most people if your mind wanders. Learn to be a great listener and you’re halfway to becoming a great communicator.

* Focus on maintaining an adequate amount of eye contact. To avoid staring, change your gaze, and focus on different places on the other person’s face.

* Avoid interrupting someone before they’ve finished speaking. This drives others crazy, and shows that you’re more interested in speaking than listening.

* Be open-minded. You’ll learn more, be a better listener, and be more interesting to those around you. No one likes to be judged negatively.

2. Be curious. If you want to be interesting to others, be interested in them. Others are more willing to be open and share if they believe you have a genuine interest in them and what they have to say. Ask pertinent questions to show interest and keep the conversation flowing.

3. Try to maintain balance. The best conversations have some element of give and take. We all know the person that rambles on endlessly, without giving anyone else a chance to speak. We quickly tire of listening to an endless monolog. If you’re unable to get a word in after several attempts, it’s time to move on.

* Failing to contribute to a conversation can be just as bad. Make an effort to contribute to the conversation. If you’re nervous, try asking a few open-ended questions and focus on your listening skills.

* Some individuals love to talk and are looking for someone that will really listen.

4. Be wary of taboo topics. Others rarely change their minds about topics such as politics, religion, and sex. It’s easier to find yourself in one of these conversations than you would think. All it takes is one offhand comment about a sensitive issue, and you’re off to the races.

5. Relax. Just like your mom told you, relax and be yourself. It can be hard to think of something intelligent and relevant to say if you’re nervous. Take a deep breath and let the words come out.

6. Practice with everyone you meet. You can become great at anything with enough practice. You come into contact with other individuals throughout your day. Take advantage of the opportunity to work on your skills. Co-workers, friends, and strangers are all fair game.

* Start with easier people and situations and branch out from there.

It’s worth the effort to master the art of conversation. Conversation has the ability to strengthen all the relationships in your life. It can even bolster your career, as well as provide the opportunity to make new friends and learn new things. Spending the time to enhance this skill will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Could You Have an Eating Disorder?

Do you find yourself gaining weight during times of stress? Do you fear boredom because you know you’ll simply eat to fill the time? These are just some of the symptoms of emotional overeating. If you think you may suffer from this relatively common eating disorder, here are some signs and symptoms that may help you identify whether or not this is what you’re struggling with.

Mindless Eating

If you have a binge eating disorder or emotional overeating problem, you may stuff food in and not even really taste it or realize what you’re doing. It’s as though you are “out of it” and just mindlessly stuffing food into your mouth.

Feelings of Guilt and Shame

Many people with emotional overeating disorders feel really embarrassed and hateful of themselves after they’ve got through with an eating binge. The problem, of course, is that these negative feelings may make you reach for more food for comfort.

Eating in Secret

Because of being embarrassed, may emotional overeaters will eat in private, reserving their “naughty” foods for when no one is looking.

Always on My Mind…

Do you think about food all the time? Do you feel anxious about the prospect of leaving the house without snacks or money to buy food? Constantly thinking about food (food obsession) may be a sign that you have an emotional overeating disorder.

Feeling Sick

Sometimes, emotional overeaters will eat and eat to comfort themselves, and then feel sick afterward. Obviously, this is your body’s way of telling you you’ve eaten far too much more than is good for you; but for emotional overeaters, this sickness does not necessarily deter the next binge.

Identify Your Triggers

Emotional overeating is usually triggered by something – emotions, yes, but sometimes we need to be more specific than that. Identifying your personal triggers can go a long way toward helping you overcome the disorder. Basic trigger categories include:

* Emotional – Eating to relieve boredom, stress, or anxiety

* Psychological – You may eat in response to negative, self-destructive thoughts

* Environmental/Situational – You may eat simply because the opportunity is there. Also in this category is the habit of eating while doing another activity, such as reading or watching TV.

Do any of these signs and symptoms describe you? If so, don’t despair – there are treatment options available for emotional overeaters. Check with your healthcare provider for advice on therapists or specialists in your area.

Surprising Benefits Of Using Fish Oil

The known benefits of fish oil are not just limited to the more common conditions. Of course, many people have already known how using fish oil may help improve skin health and reduce the risk of heart disease. But there are also surprising benefits that fish oil seem to offer to those who regularly consume them. Here are just some of them.

Depression And Anxiety
People may not be aware of it, but fish oil seems to help put people in a good mood. In fact, many studies have shown that fish oil may be beneficial in trying to help treat depression and anxiety in people. Thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil, it seems a good means to relieve anxiety, depression, stress and sadness in people.

Fish oil seems to have good mood stabilizing properties that make them quite interesting as a treatment for depression and other related conditions. Evidence suggests that countries where oily fish such as salmon is regularly eaten also seem to have low incidence of depression. Similar studies involving prisoners have also shown that having them on a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids resulted in a significant drop in homicide rates. Although more studies may be needed in order for such findings to be conclusive, it already shows some good evidences of the other surprising benefits of fish oil.

Cancer Fighter
It may seem quite surprising enough that fish oil may also benefit patients with certain forms of cancer. Preliminary studies have shown that fish oil may be useful in trying to delay the weight loss in people suffering from pancreatic cancer. Still further research may be needed to solidify this claim as well as how fish oil may affect certain types of cancers.

Type II Diabetes
Some studies also have shown positive findings on the effect of fish oil in Type II diabetes. Since people suffering from this form of diabetes are also prone to developing diseases such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and stroke, medical experts believe that taking fish oil supplements may also help in trying to reduce such risks in diabetics. Some studies have already shown that fish oil may also be effective in lowering triglyceride levels in people with diabetes.

Fish oil might also be able to help women bear healthier children. Taking fish oil supplements may help pregnant women ensure the healthy development of their child while still in the womb. The DHA found in fish oil is known to help babies undergo healthy eye and brain development. Pregnant women who are also taking fish oil supplements run fewer risks of having premature births, miscarriage or delivering babies with low birth weights. As an added benefit, pregnant women who regularly take fish oil supplements run lesser risks of getting into depression following the baby’s delivery.

Fish oil supplements may also help in improving fertility. In a study done on male boars, those who were fed with a diet rich in fish oils were able to show better sperm quality. After ejaculation, the sperm from the boars fed with fish oil seem to resist the effects of lipid peroxidative attacks in the female boar genital tract, giving the sperm higher chances of conception.

Low Carb Substitution for Fruit

Fruits have always been vital elements of a healthy diet plan. They are the primary source of vitamins, minerals and other essential micronutrients. But what will be the substitute or alternate for people who want to adopt a low carbohydrates diet, as fruits are generally richer in carbohydrates. For a person adopting low carb diet plan, fruits having lesser amount of carbohydrates with higher amount of fibers are recommended, as intake of carbohydrates is restricted under the plan. Low carbohydrate fruits such as Rhubarbs, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Salmon berries, Gooseberries and other berries and their derivatives must be taken into consideration. These are high in antioxidants and are very nutritious. Cherries are also low carb fruits having a bit higher sugar content but still they are included because of higher amount of fiber. Other fruits that are low in carbohydrates are Apples, Pears, Grapefruit, Apricots, Plums, Guava, Kiwi, Peaches, Figs etc., these are high sources of vitamins simultaneously provides high fiber content and also have preventive properties for diseases related to heart and pancreas and also some other chronic diseases. Other citrus fruits are also beneficial. Also there is a huge list of fruits out of innumerable types that are low in carbs, one can easily research on the internet about the fruits that are recommended in low carb diet plan.

These fruits also helps in losing weight, maintaining steady energy levels, and also in enhancing the mood and other emotions of a person and simultaneously fulfilling the vitamins and mineral requirements of human body. The sugar contents in these fruits are a bit different from that a person directly eats and also these help in maintaining sugar levels not only in diabetic patients but also in normal human being. Low-glycemic fruits can also be included in low carb diet plan.

Fruits that are high in starch content should be avoided such as raisins, dates, mangoes and papayas. These fruits are high in starch content, which could lead to ruining your weight loss plan. While choosing fruits for your diet plan, you must be very careful and must be aware about the starch content of the fruit. You must select the fruits which are low on starch and high on fibres. One should have a thorough knowledge of the properties of fruits that are to be included in a low carb diet plan, as one also has to maintain energy level despite eating low sugary foods. Seeking the Help of a dietitian is preferable while choosing fruits in your low carb diet plan. So, the need is just to take a step to make your low carb diet plan a perfect one and also a healthier one with more of pros than cons!

Choosing How to Age

If you are like most people, you are busier than busy. Family, career, responsibilities in your home, and education are all part of your life. Suddenly, you recognize that quite a bit of time has passed you by in your busy-ness. You may start to notice going up and down the stairs hurts your knees a little bit more, and you may notice that your back is not as strong as it used to be when you were younger.

During this time, it is crucial to your health and wellbeing to stop and take notice of what your body is trying to say to you. All your body really wants you to do is to listen. That’s right; these telltale signs are ways of your body asking you to please pay attention, slow down, or do things differently. Perhaps it is also your body’s way of saying, “hey, something is missing here.”

While aging is an inevitable part of the cycle of life, have you ever considered that you get to choose how you age? More and more studies are proving that the way you are in the later years of life is the result of how you behave in your middle life years – as far as aging goes anyway.

If you take a proactive stance for your health early on, you will have amazing results. You do have a choice about how you age in your future by concentrating on that important aspect now.

Exercise and Fitness

If you have not exercised for years or if you feel that you are simply too busy, then you are almost guaranteed to experience more difficulty in your older years. By exercising now, you give your body two benefits: one for your present health and a gift for your future health.

Studies are showing repeatedly that those who exercise, simply age better. The physical body benefits from exercise in many ways:

* Improved cardiovascular system
* Lower blood pressure
* Well-maintained blood sugar levels
* Strengthened joints and muscles

On a mental note, exercise and fitness improves your mind in so many ways both now and for your future:

* Better mood
* Feeling happier
* Sleeping better
* A feeling of overall wellness
* Less fatigue
* Clarity of mind

You Are What You Eat

Foods to eat now that would benefit you later would include some of the following:

* Fresh fruits and vegetables
* Grains
* Nuts and seeds

Have you ever heard the expression that you are what you eat? Well, studies now show the direct benefit of specific foods on aging. With the knowledge and power available to us from eating food that is readily available, it makes sense to tap into this wellspring of youth in our now, so that our future will be one of graceful aging.

The Types of Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation aims to help a person dig deep into the inner self in order to discover the wisdom and tranquility that lie within. It can be done by developing awareness, harmony and natural order into life through meditation. Different techniques can be employed in order to achieve this.

Different meditation techniques have been developed since ancient times in the effort to help people experience a higher state of consciousness. This usually makes use of the ability to clear the mind of distractions and focusing mainly on the self. Here are some of the techniques that most people use to get in touch with their spiritual consciousness through meditation.

One of the ancient techniques in meditation used is one that Buddhists practice. This technique is called mindfulness meditation and involves learning how to be aware about the things that one does and the things that is happening around at the very moment. This type of meditation technique can take time to master and involves four steps.

The first step is the abstinence from the five moral rules which is killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, and the use of toxic substances. The second step is the practice of Anapana Meditation for three and a half days where a person is taught how to meditate while focusing on one’s breathing. The third step involves purifying the mind which involves self observation for six and half days. The fourth step involves speaking and living an extroverted life. This meditation technique closes with the practice of metta bhavana which involves sharing the purity developed with others.

Another type of meditation technique is Transcendental Meditation, the most debated and researched one among the many meditation types. This type of meditation aims to help one attain enlightenment if practiced on the long term. This meditation technique also can help increase intelligence and creativity. This technique does not require the mastery of difficult breathing techniques or the use of some special postures. A person needs only to learn how to concentrate by sitting in a relaxed and comfortable posture and position.

Another meditation technique is the vibrational meditation which involves the repetition of a mantra, a particular word or a sound that becomes the focal point of the meditation process. The vibrations that are produced by making the word or sound is experienced passing through the body. During meditation, the individual is to concentrate on nothing else but the sound as it is uttered again and again.

The Walking Meditation is one of the many other types of meditation techniques that may help one get in touch with one’s inner self. It involves learning to focus the mind while walking. Although this meditation technique can be difficult to practice it can prove to be very beneficial. This type of meditation involves focusing on the feet while meditating and trying not to let the mind wander away from every step taken.

These different types of spiritual meditation techniques take time to master. It may be hard for some people to get used to focusing on one thing, due most of the time to the influence of the world in general and how it has clouded and cluttered the mind with thoughts of problems, worries and stress. But with regular practice and eventually making a certain type of meditation technique a regular habit, people may be able to look into their inner selves more effectively and then achieve a higher sense of consciousness that may help one attain inner peace.

Low Carb Diet For Weight Loss

Advanced technology is effecting our life today by causing an appreciated increase in luxuries and facilities, that results in more laziness and ultimately more people are becoming obese these days. It is one of the most rapidly thriving health problems of the 21st century. This heath problem is more serious in developed countries. One measure to cure this horrifying disease (one can say), as it causes serious heart problems and results in devastated effects on body, can be adoption of low carbohydrate diet. The diet containing lesser amount of carbohydrates.

Low carb diet enhances your body by shifting your metabolism towards burning of fat instead of carbs. As fats are the primary cause of obesity so they must be removed to cure the effect. When your intake of carbohydrates, which are direct sources of energy to humans, declines, body start making fats itself as source of energy and engine starts running on substituent fuel. So as now high amount of fats are getting burned, this ultimately results in weight loss. Low carb diet is made up of foods having low sugary contents and simultaneously having high contents of proteins and fats like fish, eggs, red meat, salads etc. One should also take high fiber foods under observation when talking about low carb diet. A little exercise and weight-lifting will act as a catalyst with low carb diet, as it results in muscle formation and these are the best place for burning of fats as muscles do work even when one is resting. Such kind of plan can be made more effective with a slight advice from a dietician. While one is sustaining on low carb diet, high intake of water must be ensured; because if water percentage decreases in body, it will lead to immobilization of fats that will hinder the effect of low carb diet, environment conditions also causes loss of water from body. To maintain balance between micronutrients, diet should be adopted with great care.

Diet plan is different for everyone, so one should be careful while choosing according to his or her energy requirements. Wrong selection of constituents under low carb diet can lead to serious health problems. As carbohydrates are major sources of energy and if one is eliminating them, it can lead to weakness and completely exploits body reserves. A long term deficiency of carbohydrates derails metabolism process and causes adverse effects on vital organs like heart and kidney. Although, with a bit of attentiveness, it can become of the effective ways to lose weight. Follow proper diet plan and manage a proper food diary and consult a dietician, soon you will realize that you have taken a right step.

Choosing Fish Oil Supplements

Choosing the right fish oil supplement may not always be easy. One of the things to consider is that one should know about what makes such supplements valuable to health, which is its omega 3 fatty acid content. There are various sources of such essential fatty acids. It can be easy to question if there is indeed a difference between getting this nutrient from different sources.

Three Types Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
One of the things that people should know is that there are three known types of omega 3 fatty acids, the essential nutrient found in fish oil supplements. The three types of omega 3 fatty acids include EPA, DHA and ALA. ALA, or alpha-linolenic acid is a short chain omega 3 fatty acid that is usually found in plant sources such as flax seed, walnuts, canola and soybean oil. DHA or docosahexaenoic acid and EHA or eicosapentaenoic acid are considered as long chain omega 3 fatty acids. The latter two are those found in fish oil supplements.

The difference between short chain omega 3 fatty acids such as ALA and long chain omega 3 fatty acids has to do with how the body processes them. In order for the body to make use of such essential fatty acids, it has first to convert the short chain types into its long chain form. This does not usually happen readily. That is why fish oil supplements are considered more effective in providing the omega 3 fatty acids that it needs because it is already the long chain form which does not require any more conversion before the body can use them.

One of the other things to consider when choosing between fish oil supplements and ones that are sourced from plants deals with their effectiveness and benefits. Experts believe that the long chain omega 3 fatty acids being sourced from fish oils prove to be more effective in terms of health benefits. These essential fatty acids have already been known to offer some benefit in preventing heart disease. With the short chain fatty acid ALA however, experts are not too sure if ever it does provide the same benefit because it may still require additional conversion before it can be used by the body.

Fish Oil Source
Now that one already knows the difference between omega 3 fatty acids sourced from fish as well as those from plants, it seems that fish oil seem to have the upper hand. But this time there are some other things to consider. In order to get the type of fish oil supplements that offer the best source of long chain omega 3 fatty acids, people should know where they are being sourced from.

One important thing for consumers to look at when buying fish oil supplements is the label. It should contain information of where the fish oil used in the supplement is being sourced from. Because there can be more than just one fish species to source out such supplements, it is important to clearly know what types of fishes these may be.

Certain labels may contain information of the fish oil being sourced from salmon, tuna or anchovies. This might be considered safe. But if labels on the said supplements only tell of fish oil or marine lipids, this should ring some warning bells. It may be possible that fish oils in such supplements may not be too sure where the source may come from, which might also cast some doubt on the purity of the fish oil being used

Nutritional Treatments for Emotional Overeating

It may seem ironic to turn to nutritional treatments for emotional overeating – after all, isn’t the problem too much eating? Why would you want to look at more foods you need to eat? But more and more experts are seeing the connection between nutrition and emotional overeating.

The fact is, when you overeat in response to emotions, you may not be eating the healthiest foods. You become full – even sick – on junk foods, and there’s no room left for the good stuff. It’s common knowledge that you do need the right nutrients to be healthy, and if those foods are not being eaten, then it’s more a matter of quality than quantity.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Another aspect of emotional overeating may be nutritional deficiencies – and the deficiencies might bring on cravings. The theory is that the body craves certain foods in response to a need – in the case of emotional overeating, the need is emotional but it may also be physical. For example, a craving for ice cream may signify your body’s need for calcium.

Here are some vitamins and minerals that, according to research, are implicated in the management of emotional overeating.

# Vitamin D

This vitamin’s effect on mood is well-documented, and is even suggested for people who suffer from certain depressive disorders, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Foods high in Vitamin D include:

* Cod liver oil
* Sockeye salmon
* Soymilk (fortified with Vitamin D)
* Cow’s milk

Remember that Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, so sources with healthy fats, such as fish, may be absorbed better by the body.

# B-complex Vitamins

These important vitamins help increase energy levels and manage water retention. Foods with B vitamins include:

* Yogurt
* Eggs
* Lean beef (B12)
* Dark leafy greens (kale, broccoli, spinach)

# Magnesium and Calcium

This is a powerful pair – many supplements put them together in one pill or capsule. These minerals are important for managing muscle and nerve tension. Interestingly, when these minerals occur naturally in foods, there is usually a higher proportion of magnesium to calcium, whereas supplements generally have more calcium than magnesium. Foods include:

* Beans
* Nuts, especially peanuts, hazelnuts, and pecans
* Corn

# Zinc

Zinc has been shown to have a profound effect on appetite and cravings, and many people with eating disorders are deficient in this mineral. Zinc is found in the following foods:

* Shellfish, especially oysters and crab
* Beef, particularly beef shanks
* Pork
* Chicken
* Garbanzo beans

Making deliberate, conscious choices about what you do eat can go a long way toward managing emotional overeating. Plan your meals and make a shopping list, and be proactive about meeting your nutritional needs.