So my question to you is this —
When the ‘BULLY’ is standing outside do you want to be
the DOOR that stands up to him or the DOORmat that he wipes his feet on?

Be Honest: Do You Consider Yourself a Pushover?

…Don’t be afraid to admit it – you are far from alone

You might be one of the millions of people
who have a problem being assertive.

It is not always easy being assertive and standing up
for yourself. A lot of times it is much easier to just
say “screw it” and avoid potential confrontation.

You might have avoided a confrontation this past week.

If you think you might lack assertiveness
(that’s a politically correct way to say you are a pushover) ask
yourself a couple of questions:

    1. Do you avoid potentially difficult situations?
    2. Do you ever feel taken advantage of?
    3. Do you feel nervous in social situations?
    4. Are you afraid to share an unpopular opinion?
    5. Do you feel threatened by assertive people?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of those
questions then you likely have an issue with assertiveness.

“OK…What Do I Do Then?”

Great question! There are several options, here is one.

But hopefully, if you have read this far you’re ready for a better option.

It would be very simple to say – be more
assertive. But how helpful is that?

You need to learn the basics first. Things like:

    • What Assertiveness Means to You
    • Assertiveness Challenges at Work
    • Assertiveness Challenges with Friends and Family

Here is option two. If you are timid
but want to change a little then get this free guide.

Once you have that knowledge you will be well on your way to standing
up for yourself. Now I am sure that with patience and perseverance
you will eventually stand tall and stop being a doormat.

But if you need specific steps on how to become more assertive in
different areas of your life in the shortest time.

Don’t worry, we’ve got option three for you…

be ASSERTIVE – is the
perfect introduction to
becoming more assertive.

This simple, user-friendly guide
will teach you what assertiveness
is and how to harness its power!
Includes a handy checklist and
the Assertiveness Tactics guide.


Topics Include

    • What Does it Mean to be Assertive?
    • Being Assertive at Work
    • Being Assertive with Friends and Family
    • How to Make Assertive Decisions
    • Assertiveness Struggles

If you want to get an introduction to this
vital information for the low one-time price of


please click the button below…

Let’s recap the options.

One (not a good option)

Three (Best Option) $4.97

Option 3 includes
a checklist and
the Assertiveness
Tactics guide.


Two(A Good Option) Free


To your success,


Thank you for giving me
the opportunity to be of service.



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