New Fitness Trends That Will Surprise You

If you’re trying to keep up with the latest fitness trends, then you may feel overwhelmed. It’s not easy to track all of the hottest fads in the exercise industry, but the following trends are worth following.

The latest fitness trends may even give you a whole new way to look at exercise:

  1. Aerial exercises. One of the hottest trends in the industry is aerial exercises. They’re also called trapeze exercises and require that you go to a gym.
  • If you’ve ever been to a performance of flying acrobats, you may be surprised to learn that you can study the same skills at a local gym and take classes. Aerial and trapeze classes will teach you the basics or advanced skills.
  • The gyms are equipped with padded floors and have plenty of trainers, so you won’t get hurt.
  • You’ll use bars, ropes, and scarves to fly through the air.
  • This is a fun workout that actually burns a lot of calories and makes you use all of your muscles.
  1. High altitude exercises. Being at a high altitude creates a unique exercise experience for your entire body.
  • You may not be aware of the latest trend to use high altitudes to work out.
  • If you don’t live in a high-altitude area such as Denver, then you’ll have to search for a specialty gym that offers this type of exercise.
  • Specialty gyms that have high altitude workouts provide equipment and other items to change the oxygen levels. This gives your body the chance to exercise with less oxygen, so you build endurance.
  1. Parkour. Parkour is a unique workout that is often compared to playing on the playground or a kid’s gym. Parkour is focused on having fun while you exercise.
  • You get to run, jump, swing, and walk through different obstacles. You can jump over blocks or play on the monkey bars.
  • This exercise trend reminds people of their younger days and makes them feel like kids again.
  1. Hot Pilates. This new trend refers to doing Pilates in a heated studio. Pilates is already an intense workout that uses special equipment to tone and move your muscles. However, the addition of heat makes it even more difficult.
  • The heat is supposed to loosen your muscles.
  • Hot Pilates is designed to burn calories while you tone your entire body. The goal is to look lean and lose fat.
  1. Custom online training. The growth of the internet has touched the fitness industry, and one of the hottest trends is custom online training.
  • This type of training gives you access to one or more fitness experts who work with you on an individual level. They design and tweak your entire workout routine based on what you want to accomplish and what your body needs. You can sign up for daily or weekly sessions.
  • The personal approach has been used in gyms before. Now, it’s moved online, so you don’t have to drive or walk to another location to get help.
  • Online training gives you more control and lets you work out from your home.
  • It also gives you more choices since you get to pick a trainer from a larger pool instead of the ones that are hired by your local gym.

The fitness industry is constantly coming up with new ideas to make exercise more fun and unique. Consider adjusting your routine to incorporate one or more of these new trends. And if you currently don’t have an exercise regimen, these ideas provide you with the perfect opportunity to start a fun and healthy new hobby today!

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