Are You Repeating Your Mistakes

If only we didn’t keep repeating our mistakes. Some people keep dating the wrong type of people while others are terrible about saving money. We all have mistakes that we repeat over and over.

We’re often blind to our mistakes. Sometimes, we know we’re making a mistake but can’t seem to stop ourselves.

Science has determined that we often repeat mistakes because we tend to repeatedly choose a given behavior under stress. Many of our mistakes happen when life is challenging. We revert to what we know, even if it hasn’t worked well in the past.

Repeated mistakes lower the quality of your life.

Try these techniques to avoid repeating your mistakes:

  1. Redefine what mistakes mean to you. Mistakes are a lot easier to manage and benefit from if you hold a positive opinion of them.
    • It’s easy to accept the concept that no one is perfect. The natural result of that idea is that people make mistakes. So, mistakes are natural.
    • Mistakes also hold the key to enhancing every part of your life. They show you what you need to learn.
  2. Get a clear head. Making a good decision is much more likely when your head is clear, and your emotions are cool. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re likely to make a big mistake. Avoid making decisions when you’re emotionally compromised, and you’ll make far fewer mistakes.
  3. Evaluate your failures. Look at your failures and determine the mistakes that led to those failures.
    • What did you do wrong?
    • What could you do better?
    • Did you have faulty information?
    • Did you need more information?
    • Do you have skills you need to further develop?
    • Do you have new skills you need to learn?
    • Maybe you just give up too soon.
  4. Notice what you’re doing right. It’s just as important to identify the things you’re doing correctly. After all, if you stop doing those things, that’s just another mistake you’re adding to your life. Doing more right things results in doing fewer wrong things.
  5. Create a plan for change. Now that you’ve identified your mistakes, it’s time to create a plan to do things better next time. Sometimes just identifying a mistake is enough. Other times you’ll need to learn a new skill or approach. Or you may need to develop confidence, perseverance, or patience.
  6. Focus on progress. It’s not always easy, or even possible, to change overnight. Avoid becoming frustrated with yourself. Be happy with any forward progress you’re able to create.
    • As long as you keep making progress, you’ll eventually reach your target.
  7. Re-evaluate. Take a look at the mistakes you identified in Step 2. How are you doing? Have you solved your problem? Do you need to continue improving? Keep going until you’ve attained the level of expertise you need. It may take a long time to completely eliminate a particular mistake. Keep trying.
  8. Repeat. This isn’t a one-time process. You’ll continue making mistakes throughout your life. Repeat this process on a regular basis if you want to continue seeing progress.

Repeated mistakes are frustrating because we know there’s a better way. A clear head and an examination of one’s previous mistakes is a great first step to removing a particular mistake from your future.

View mistakes as a guaranteed part of life and a clue as how to make positive changes. Avoiding the mistakes you make repeatedly will definitely make your life easier!

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