Change the Quality of Your Food

Any time of the year is a great time to detoxify the impurities from your body, but after the holiday season, you can combine detoxification with weight loss. If you have been eating a lot of carbohydrates such as candy, cakes and pie, then you may have a sluggish metabolism caused by the poor foods in your digestive system. The best way to detoxify is by eating a healthier diet on a daily basis rather than consuming prepared meals and snacks. Cleansing your body is easy by shopping at your local supermarket, and you should bring along a grocery-shopping list to buy the healthiest foods.

Read the Labels on Foods

While shopping for food, read the labels to determine if it is an organic product. Organic foods are grown and packaged without using artificial fertilizers or chemicals. In addition, the food manufacturers who package organic foods won’t use preservatives or radiation treatments to prolong the freshness of the meats, vegetables, grains, dairy products or fruits. Make sure to look at the entire package of food to determine if it really is organic.

Choose Whole Foods at the Supermarket

When you are shopping for food at the supermarket, look for whole foods that have no processing. These foods are primarily in the produce aisle, and you can find an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables that have no additives or preservatives. Look carefully for whole foods that aren’t packaged or covered with waxes to make the vegetables and fruits shiny under the bright lights of the store. Remember that some whole foods are wrapped in containers to make the items easier to buy in bulk. Whole foods that are easier to buy packaged often include dark leafy greens or mushrooms.

Buy Fresh Foods to Use Immediately

Rather than buying a lot of canned or frozen foods, you can buy fresh produce to cook within one to three days. With this detoxification method, you may need to shop for groceries multiple times a week. You should learn how to look at fruits and vegetables to determine if the foods are fresh. Produce that is discolored, slimy or odorous is probably not fresh. If you aren’t buying the freshest produce, then you are likely not getting as many nutrients from the food.

Select Foods That Help with Body Detoxification

There are certain types of foods that experts recommend for detoxifying your body. These foods include:

• Kale

• Apples

• Avocados

• Pineapple

• Onions

• Almonds

• Asparagus

• Broccoli

• Lemons

• Fennel

• Grapefruit

• Walnuts

• Ginger

In addition to these fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, you can consume brown rice or whole-wheat bread. If any food that you want to buy is in a package, then make sure to read the label to learn more about its ingredients.

Learn How to Cook

If you are relying on frozen dinners or restaurant meals, then it is time to learn how to cook. Not only can you prepare your own vegetables and fruits for meals or snacks, but also, you can learn how to bake bread. Learning how to prepare recipes on your own is one of the best ways to know exactly what you are eating so that you can detoxify chemicals from your body.

Eat Most Produce Raw or Lightly Cooked

To prevent a loss of vitamins and minerals from produce, eat the foods raw or lightly cooked. Buy a vegetable steamer to cook hard vegetables such as carrots or potatoes rather than boiling the foods. When you boil produce, many of the nutrients are lost in the water

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