Be Impeccable With Your Word and Enjoy Stronger Relationships

Be Impeccable With Your Word and Enjoy Stronger Relationships

Being impeccable with your word means that you hold yourself to the highest standard when you speak. If you agree to do something, you do it. The words you speak are truthful, kind, and accurate.

It’s not just the words you choose, but how and when you choose to speak them. When your word is impeccable, your words are honest and useful. Others will appreciate you and you’ll strengthen your relationships when you decide to be impeccable with your word.

Use the power of your words positively:

  1. Honesty makes life simpler. This is true on multiple levels. If lying isn’t an option, you’ll avoid putting yourself into situations where you feel the need to lie. You avoid the guilt of lying and the fear of discovery. You’re also forced to remain on-guard to protect your lie. It’s exhausting.
  2. Hiding the truth causes more challenges than the truth itself. Lying can be viewed as a greater offense than the lie. You’re buying some short-term relief at the expense of your future comfort. It comes back around eventually.
  3. Lies are difficult to conceal. Few people are able to lie well. Not only is it necessary to be convincing, you also have to remember the lie and avoid giving yourself away at a later time. Lies create the need for additional lies. Most lies are eventually discovered.
  4. Honesty and openness aren’t the same thing. Offering unsolicited opinions isn’t necessary. There’s no reason to offer up an opinion if it won’t help the other person. You might believe that your friend is five minutes away from bombing her presentation, but telling her isn’t helpful. Telling your friend that she’s fat is pretty open, but hardly helpful.
  • Ask yourself if your words are helpful. Exercise the right to remain silent generously.
  1. Keep your commitments. Few things create greater distrust than failing to keep your promises. If you promise to accomplish something, get it done. Be on time with everything you do.
  2. Honesty leads to trust and enhances relationships. Nothing damages relationships faster than dishonesty. Relationships based on honesty have a chance to thrive. Relationships based on dishonesty do not.
  3. Avoid gossip. Gossip isn’t a wise use of your words. There are other ways to entertain your friends and co-workers. When you gossip, you become part of the problem. Gossip is rarely accurate and always at the expense of others.
  4. You receive respect when your word is trusted. When people believe they can trust you, they respect you, too. When it’s discovered that you can’t be trusted, that respect is lost and difficult to regain. Trust and respect are easier to lose than they are to gain. Guard them carefully.
  5. Under-promise and over-deliver. Be slow to make promises and promise less than you know you can comfortably deliver. Most of us do this backwards. We promise the best that we can possibly do and regularly come up at least a little short.

Ensure that your words are honest, helpful, and timely.

How reliable is your word? Do your words inspire others or tear them down? Can people believe what you say? Do you lie to yourself? Do you believe yourself when you say you’re going to lose 10 pounds? Do your words help others or harm them? Make the quality of your speech a priority for 30 days. Be impeccable with your word and your speech.

Life will be simpler and easier when you choose your words wisely. Be honest and supportive when you speak and you’ll find that others treat you more kindly as well.

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