Never Feel Intimidated at the Gym Again With These Tips

Never Feel Intimidated at the Gym Again With These Tips

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the gym can be a scary place. You may feel intimidated because of all the hot young bods in their skimpy gym-wear. In addition, bullies and other issues can make going to the gym an unpleasant experience.

Discover how you can let go of these negative feelings so you can enjoy getting fit and trim at the gym:

  1. Accept your body. Confronting your body issues may be tough. The gym’s mirrors and harsh lighting can make you notice issues that you haven’t seen before. Nevertheless, it’s important to learn to love your body and all of its flaws.
  • Remind yourself that each person’s body is unique and has its own imperfections, but these imperfections help make us the wonderful beings we are. How boring it would be if everyone had a body that looked just the same! Love your body. It’s part of your awesomeness!
  • Meditating and using self-acceptance affirmations are two techniques that can help you learn to love your body just the way it is.
  1. Ignore the bullies. Unfortunately, some gyms have resident bullies who can make you feel terrible. Although gyms are supposed to be for adults, some visitors still act like children.
  • It’s important to remember that bullies thrive on attention and your reaction. Avoid giving them the satisfaction of knowing that their words have hurt you. Instead, ignore them and rise above their silly comments.
  • However, if the bullying is extreme, then you may need to let the gym management know about it. Contact the appropriate authorities if you’re worried about your safety at the gym.
  1. Stop staring at the mirrors. Most gyms are filled with mirrors on every wall and even the ceiling. It’s easy to get caught up and start staring at yourself.
  • When you catch yourself thinking about the mirrors, deliberately change your focus to envisioning the end results of your hard work. Ignore the mirrors and let the sweat pour as you sculpt your new shape.
  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others. If you’re surrounded by people who are thin and fit, it’s easy to feel intimidated.
  • Instead of comparing yourself to anyone else, think about your own goals and past. How far have you come in your life to now be going to the gym and working out?
  • Focus on your goals. You’ll be able see the little improvements that are happening along the way. You’ll value your time at the gym instead of being scared to go.
  1. Speak your mind. Others may try to give you advice. Take it in stride and assume the advice was truly meant to be helpful. Consider what they have to say. If you’re uncomfortable with a certain exercise or gym idea, ask questions to clarify the technique or benefits. Then, decide for yourself if it’s for you. Feel free to share your feelings about these new ideas.

You don’t have to let feelings of intimidation rule your world and prevent you from going to the gym. Instead, learn ways to overcome these feelings. With practice, you’ll be able to overcome this fear and achieve your fitness goals.

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