How to Make the Most of Your Bedtime

There’s more to a productive bedtime than brushing your teeth and putting on your pajamas. Most people waste the time between dinner and retiring for the evening. Learning to make the most of this time can be the difference between having a great day and a poor one.

It can also determine whether or not your achieve your goals.

You might be tired from work and just feel like lying on the couch and watching televisions. But that is the perfect recipe to ensure that you continue living this same day over and over.

Using the time before you retire for the evening can make a huge difference in your life.

Consider these tips to make the most of your evenings and get more from your life:

1. Avoid eating after dinner. There’s a ton of evidence that snacking after dinner increases the odds of being overweight and having health issues. You’ll sleep better and feel better in the morning if you avoid eating between dinner and breakfast.

2. Review your goals. You can even do this in bed before you fall asleep. Spend a few minutes reviewing your goals to keep them fresh in your mind. Ever notice how you forget your New Year’s Eve resolutions after a couple of weeks? That can’t happen if you review your goals each evening.

3. Read something that enhances your life. We’re not talking about Harry Potter 17. This is something that will help with your career, relationships, hobbies, or an intellectual pursuit. Avoid going to sleep before you’ve learned something new that day. What have you learned today?

4. Avoid drinking before bed. Try to avoid any liquids within two hours of your bedtime. You’ll just increase the likelihood of needing to get up in the middle of the night. A full night of interrupted sleep has no substitutes.

5. Plan for the following day. Plan what you’re going to do the next day. Jot down a quick list of your most important tasks. You won’t spend the first hour of the workday wondering what you should do first.

6. Practice a skill. It’s amazing what you can accomplish over time with just a few minutes each evening. You might take 15 minutes to master a few guitar chords, work on your pull-ups, train your dog to stay, learn three new words in French, or master drawing with pastels.

7. Meditate. Meditation can be a great way to wind down for the evening. It quiets the mind and provides a healthier perspective on life. Grab a book at the library and learn how to meditate effectively.

8. Take a walk. Non-strenuous exercise can improve your sleep. Getting a little exercise doesn’t hurt either. Enjoy the solitude of walking alone or take someone along. It can be a great family activity right after dinner. Chat with a few neighbors along the way.

These are just a few possible suggestions for making the most of your evening. Try brainstorming a few more. Use the evening to tie up loose ends and to prepare for the following day.

You can accomplish a lot at night as long as you are consistent and patient.

Avoid falling into a routine that does little to enhance your life. Get started tonight with an intentional routine that will move your life in a positive and fulfilling direction.

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