9 Ways to Create Your Own Luck

While you can’t change your luck in the lottery, you can change your luck in life. When you’re lucky, good things seem to happen by accident. Of course, luck is no accident. Lucky people give themselves the best opportunity to experience good luck. Lucky people expect success, work hard, and stay alert for opportunities.

Try these strategies and experience more luck in your life:

1. Have high expectations. Things rarely work out better than you expect. Having high expectations increases the odds of something positive happening. If you’re not expecting something great to happen, you likely won’t notice the opportunity when it presents itself. Raise your expectations and enjoy more luck.

* Low expectations are often met with bad luck.

2. Visualize success. Keep your mind and expectations positive by visualizing a positive result. Image yourself with more wealth or your perfect partner. It’s easier to achieve that which you believe.

3. Trust your instincts. You’re only consciously aware of a tiny portion of what’s happening around you. However, your brain is exposed to it all, even if you’re unaware. Your gut feelings are often based upon information outside of your conscious awareness. Trust your gut and you’ll experience more good luck.

4. Take full advantage of opportunities. An opportunity is often the first stage of good luck. You have to take the next step to reap the full benefits.

* What opportunities do you have right now that you’re ignoring?

5. Face fear head-on. Good luck is often on the other side of fear. Those that are paralyzed by fear aren’t lucky. The bold and courageous find good fortune more than the rest of us. Face your fears and step out of your comfort zone. Fear is an imaginary barrier to receiving good luck.

6. Relax. If you’re stressed or otherwise mentally occupied, you don’t have room for luck to appear. One great opportunity after another could present itself and you wouldn’t notice. It’s easier to be lucky when you’re relaxed, alert, and fully present.

* Meditation and prayer are effective ways to relax and open your mind to all the possibilities around you. Spend time each day relaxing.

7. Brainstorm. Instead of waiting for lightning to strike, set aside time to come up with a spectacular idea. Your brain is great at finding solutions, so be clear in your intentions. Ask yourself the appropriate question.

* “How can I increase my earnings by $25,000 this year?”
* “What is the best way to find the man of my dreams?”
* “How can I go back to school and still earn a living?”

8. Work hard. The harder you work, the luckier you’ll be. The best way to avoid good luck is to be lazy. Get out in the world and stir things up. Luck will find its way to you.

9. Be generous. Generosity has a way of finding its way back to you. When you’re willing to do things for others, others are more willing to do things for you. You never know how or when your generosity will be returned, so be kind to everyone you meet.

Being lucky isn’t an accident. Lucky people create an environment for luck to occur. A positive attitude, hard work, and high expectations provide the best chance for good luck to happen. Think about the people you know that are very lucky and those that are very unlucky. Compare how they behave and view life. Can you identify the differences?

Which way would you rather live?

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