The Cinderella Secret to Being Happy and Successful

Cinderella is one of the most popular fairy tales of all time. Children and adults love to hear about the magical night when a hard working young woman triumphs over her mean stepsisters.

The story has captured our imaginations so completely that we tend to call all kinds of events a Cinderella story as long as things turn out well for a likeable underdog. To star in a version of your own, take a look at what this princess can teach you about punctuality, patience, and power.

Cinderella Lessons about Punctuality

Cinderella puts herself in danger when she breaks her promise to her fairy godmother about coming home from the ball before midnight. Being on time reduces stress and shows others that you care about their needs.

1. Focus your thoughts. Cinderella broke her curfew because she was having so much fun at the ball. Being mindful of your priorities will help you to keep your eye on the ball even when you’re having a ball.

2. Honor your commitments. Live up to your promises, especially when you’re dealing with your fairy godmother or anyone who has been generous with you. Show others that you’re respectful of their time.

3. Set reminders. Does time slip away from you? Use the alarm function on your cell phone to remind you of appointments or post a note on your computer screen.

4. Plan ahead. Maybe you’re trying to pack too much into each day. Budget extra time for errands and projects so you have a little cushion.

Cinderella Lessons about Patience

Cinderella endured many difficulties. Her stepmother and stepsisters insulted her and made her do all the housework. When she did have a chance to relax, she had to sit by the fireplace.

1. Transform ordinary tasks. One reason Cinderella is so appealing is that she stayed cheerful while washing dishes and sweeping floors. Look for the purpose behind your daily tasks to make them more meaningful.

2. Develop alternatives. Cinderella didn’t give up her dreams just because she didn’t receive an invitation to the ball. If you run into an obstacle, find other ways to reach your goals.

3. Overcome adversity. Cinderella wasn’t just lounging around even when she was sitting in the ashes. She was picking out the peas and lentils her family threw there. You can find opportunities in challenging situations.

Cinderella Lessons about Power

Some modern critics are concerned that Cinderella seems passive. After all, what would have happened if the prince didn’t show up to rescue her? If you want to succeed, take charge of your future.

1. Make your own magic. Miraculous things happen even when you don’t have a fairy godmother or prince to help you. Thinking strategically and putting your heart into your work will prepare you for amazing accomplishments.

2. Be kind. Fame and fortune didn’t turn Cinderella’s head. She invited her family to come live with her and her new husband. Sharing your blessings with others will strengthen your relationships whether you live in a palace or a studio apartment.

3. Live authentically. Cinderella’s sincere goodness shone through when she was dressed in rags, and when she put on an evening gown. Find a path and build a legacy that fits you just like the glass slipper that hugged Cinderella’s foot.

It takes more than glass slippers and pumpkins turning into coaches to create a Cinderella story. Being patient and powerful will help you to enjoy your own happy ending. It also helps to return home before midnight.

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