Discover the Secrets to Becoming Fascinating

Do you feel like others find you boring? The truth is that most people are boring. Everyone is too concerned with fitting in than they are with being interesting. The most interesting people are those that don’t care about fitting in. However, there are ways to be more interesting, even if you’re a die-hard conformist.

Try these strategies and be more interesting to others:

1. Travel. Worldly people are interesting. You may not have the vacation time or the funds to cover the globe, but you probably can afford one big adventure every couple of years if you make it a priority.

2. Have an interesting hobby. Study fencing and enter competitions. Participate in long-range rifle shooting. Skydive. Breed Llamas. Do something fun and out of the norm. You won’t generate a lot of interest from others while discussing your tennis game or your beer can collection.

3. Take an interest in others. We find others interesting when they find us interesting. Show an interest in the lives of others. Ask relevant questions. We all long for genuine attention. Give it and you can expect to receive it.

4. Develop your self-confidence. People that are confident instill confidence in others. We feel more at ease when we’re around someone who’s comfortable. Develop your self-confidence and others will enjoy being around you. At the other end of the spectrum, when you’re nervous or uncomfortable, you make others feel the same.

5. Be a good listener. Give others your full attention. Be an active listener and keep the conversation going. You can be considered a great conversationalist without saying much at all.

6. Have a couple of good stories to share. Be prepared. Talk show hosts and stand-up comics are always prepared. Have a few good stories to share and practice telling them. We all like a good story.

7. Think about the interesting people you know. What makes them interesting? Make a list of the three most interesting things for each person. How can you incorporate these things into your own life? Allow yourself to be inspired by others. You can even use characters from books, TV, and movies that you find interesting.

8. Be childlike. That’s childlike, not childish. When you’re playful, you bring out the same in others. Everyone wants to let their hair down a little. Give them permission to do so.

9. Be honest, but gentle. We all lie a lot more than we can to admit. Be the one person that’s honest, but be diplomatic. There’s a difference between giving someone your honest opinion tactfully and hurting someone’s feelings. Be truthful, but supportive.

10. Love your life and share it. Live a life you find interesting and exciting and share the experience with others. When your life is interesting, you’re interesting.

11. Smile. A warm, welcoming smile is always popular. Happy people are more interesting that those that are apathetic. A smile is free and easy.

Have you always wanted to be the most interesting person in the room? Learn to have a genuine interest in others and develop your listening skills. Have adventures and love your life. You’ll stand out in your own unique way.

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