How to Deal With Text Message Arguments

The popularity of text messaging has also increased the number of arguments that occur using this service. Learn to handle difficult text message conversations with style! Use technology to help you overcome relationship challenges instead of making them more challenging.

Consider these tips for dealing with arguments through text messages:

1. Understand the risk of misinterpretation. The lack of face-to-face communication makes it easier to misinterpret each other. You can’t see the other person’s face and body language or hear the tone of their voice. These nonverbal cues are a big part of communication. In fact, most of what others “hear” is what we don’t actually say.

* When you receive a message, if it can be taken a couple of ways, clarify the correct meaning from the sender.

* When you’re sending a message, before you hit that “send” button, take a moment to reread your message to see if your words could be interpreted differently than what you mean.

2. Pay attention to the conversation. Text messaging prevents you from interrupting each other. However, it’s still important to pay attention to each message and respond appropriately to it.

3. Take a break. If the argument is too intense, you may need to step away from it. Text messaging makes this simple because you can simply stop sending more messages.

* A break from the argument can help you collect your thoughts and ideas.

* However, before you take a break, let the other person know that you’ll be gone for a few minutes. You don’t want the other person to think you’ve abandoned the conversation.

4. Stay aware of your tone. Even an argument through text messages can be affected by the tone of your words. Some words carry more intense emotional connotations than others.

* In addition, when you use capital letters, it’s as if you’re screaming at them.

5. Consider the impact of emojis. The little face you add to your messages can help explain your meaning, but even their intention can be mistaken if your recipient thinks you’re using them sarcastically.

* You can use emojis to convey emotions, but you don’t want the entire conversation to be filled with little face icons. Use words as well as pictures.

6. Lighten the conversation with humor. A joke or other small statement can help alleviate some of the anger and other issues during the argument.

7. Avoid personal attacks. Because there’s no face-to-face connection, text messaging can easily raise the risk of personal attacks.

* Pay attention to your language and avoid insults. It’s not possible to take back a sent text message that hurts your partner or friend. These words can destroy relationships and make it difficult to recover for both of you.

8. Stay aware of emotional distance. Text messages can create emotional distance between you and your partner. It’s easy to forget the reality of your relationship and get lost among angry text messages.

* The use of text messaging creates physical and emotional distance that makes it more challenging to understand each other.

9. Try to move the argument away from text messages. A face-to-face conversation is still one of the best ways to handle issues in a relationship or friendship.

* If you can move the argument away from texting, it’s likely that you’ll be able to resolve it faster and easier.

You may want to try to save the conversation for later. You may also want to try other methods to communicate such as video calls.

If you’re having an argument through text messages, follow these strategies to help you navigate the treacherous waters and have a text message conversation that leaves both of you happy.

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