What is a Healthy Low Carb Diet?

Everyone possesses a kind of life style consisting of general food habits and tendencies. To cope up with any kind of work, our body requires energy that comes from healthy food. But as all are not same, every human being on this earth is one of its kind, all requires different kind of food that suits his or her body. A Low carb or low carbohydrate diet is one such type of food meant for people who require less carbohydrates than a normal human being’s diet. It consists of less amount of carbohydrate constituents, as low as 20 percent, and descended amount of carbohydrates is compensated by fat and protein constituents of the diet.

A healthy low carb diet is made up of such a combination of micronutrients that provides enough amount of energy to sustain despite of less amount of carbohydrates, as carbs are major source of energy to our body because of their property of converting directly in glucose. It contains food that are high sources of fats and proteins such as seafood, meat, eggs, cheese, coconuts, avocado, nuts and other substitutes having high content of fiber like flax seeds and psyllium. Reason to include high fiber content foods in healthy low carb diet is that when a person is sustaining on such a type of diet, high intake of fat can cause health problems in long term, to avoid such kind of problems, food having high fiber contents must be included. While simultaneously food comprises of sugary elements must be avoided such as rice, candies, soft drinks, bakery products and vegetables that are high in starch content. A healthy low carb diet also lays emphasis on managing the levels of vitamins, minerals and other vital micronutrients required by body, as elimination of food items from a regular diet can result in deficiency of such micronutrients that can lead to serious side effects.

Low carb diet lures the body to complete its energy requirements through breakdown of fats and shifts the metabolism towards high decomposition of fats as carbohydrates are no longer available for hormones to act. As now more fats are getting burned, a healthy low carb diet results in weight loss and can be one of the options for obese people to lose weight depending upon their body metabolism. It also helps in curing some diseases related to heart, but, as every coin has two sides, it also has side effects, as it can cause adverse effects on the functioning of the kidney and on bone strength due to high accumulation of proteins in the body.

One should be very careful while choosing a low carb diet, as little ignorance can become a great reason of worry. The Constituents of diet must be eliminated according to requirement of essential micronutrients for body and substitutes must be added keeping the energy requirements in mind. Both the pros and cons of a low carb diet must be kept in mind while making a healthy low carb diet plan.

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