7 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid Doing

Just as some people are destined to be physically strong, it’s probably fair to say that some people are naturally mentally strong. However, even if you’re not one of those fortunate people, you can certainly learn to be much mentally stronger than you’ve been demonstrating.

Good mental habits and a positive view of life allow mental strength to develop. You can become much stronger than you think you can.

There are some things that mentally strong people just don’t do, such as:

1. Engaging in negative self-talk. Negative self-talk is where your undoing begins. It drains your spirit and your confidence. Imagine having someone that followed you around all day and whispered negative things into your ear incessantly. It would drive you crazy. Negative self-talk drives you crazy, too.

    • Work on keeping your mind in one of two modes: You’re either concentrating on your current task, or your mind is quiet. It takes practice. Start practicing.

2. Repeating mistakes. Mistakes quickly become habits. You have a friend that keeps dating the wrong guys. You have another friend that always procrastinates until the last minute and repeatedly suffers for it.

    • Review your mistakes each day and vow not to repeat them. You’ve already figured out that your method didn’t work. Be smart and try something else next time.

3. Giving up when faced with discomfort. Mentally weak people give in to discomfort quicker than those that are mentally strong. Dealing with discomfort can prevent you from spending money you shouldn’t. It can stop you from binging on ice cream and ruining your diet.

    • Real success is hiding behind some discomfort. The more you can tolerate, the more successful you can become.

4. Focusing on anything outside of their control. What’s the point of fretting over things you can’t control? It’s a waste of time, energy, and focus. Recognize what you can and can’t control.

    • You have nothing to worry about. If you can control it, then control it and don’t worry. If you can’t, there’s no point in worrying anyway.

5. Ruminating on the past. Maybe you should’ve chosen a better college major, or a different spouse, or asked that high school crush to prom. It’s over, and you’re not doing any good focusing on your regret.

    • Today is a new day. Make the most of it. If you can learn something from the past, do it. However, once you’ve learned your lesson, move on.

6. Avoiding the truth. Mentally strong people can handle the truth, and they seek the truth. Mentally weak people avoid the truth. Instead, they seek comfort. You can’t improve yourself or make good decisions without having a good understanding of the truth.

    • Examine your flaws and tendencies. Examine your life and overall situation. Be as objective as you can.

7. Avoiding responsibility. Mentally strong want to take responsibility for their results in life. If you’re responsible, you can make it better. If it’s someone else’s fault, you’re just a victim and less likely to take productive action.

    • Have a policy for taking responsibility for your challenges and your life in general. Sure, your partner might be a narcissistic, pathological, lying, psychopath. However, you chose them. It’s also your responsibility to find a solution.

A lack of mental strength is a significant obstacle to overcome if you want to be highly successful. Mental strength can be developed. It’s also just as important not to do any of the things that undermine mental strength. Take responsibility for your life, avoid repeating your mistakes, and avoid negative self-talk like the plague.

You can grow your mental strength just as you can grow your physical strength – one day at a time.


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