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20180903 The Mind-Hack I Used to Help My Father Lose #Weight’ by @nireyal #uruguru

Everything You Need to Know About Learning to Do the Splits @popsugaruk #yoga #uruguru

Do you experience light sensitivity when using a computer, or even going outside? Here’s 3 ways to combat these symptoms via @IrisTechCanada#uruguru

You’ll look forward to them every day. #uruguru

Yoga and Meditation Boosts Executive Brain Function#uruguru

You only need one to feel zen. #uruguru

20180830 Study suggests moderate carbohydrate intake is ideal for a longer life

28 Satisfying Summer Recipes That Happen To Be Vegan

20180829 Could your summer fling change your microbiome?

Depressive spells can be isolating — here’s how to recover.

20180828 Spinach & feta filo pie | Jamie Oliver recipes

It’s simple to add meditation to your day through daily routines.

20180827   How To Stick To A Protocol, That Works, For Autoimmune Remission

Use these five ways to effectively create thought leadership content.

20180826   Aromatherapy Tip: Use the same oil you studied with when you take the exam!

3 reasons to snack on cottage cheese

20180825   Hack your commute: Find time to #meditate

This pretty purple flower has tons of brilliant uses—from DIY laundry spray to homemade soda. Here are our 10 favorite at-home uses for lavender!

20180824 A Simple 5 Minute Tea Meditation Practice That Rewires Your Brain:

Essential oils are popular, and they sure smell good. But do they work?

20180823  Beyond #nutrition: looking at when, why, where and how you eat  @CarrieDennett

It may be time to ditch your supplements for a diet rich in oily fish.

20180822  Train your brain with these ideas.

Mexican beans & avocado on toast

More coming soon.

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