How Much Do You Read – 9 Reasons to Read More

Some people love to read, while others would rather rub salt into a wound than read. However, everyone should read on a daily basis. Time and time again, studies show that the most successful people are regular readers.

Reading is a great way to learn, reduce stress, and improve yourself.

Consider these reasons to read more:

1. It’s an inexpensive way to learn. Books are inexpensive. In fact, there are plenty of books you can check out for free from the library. You can even sit in the bookstore for as long as you like and read.

    • Contrast the cost of a book with the cost of taking a class. Books are a great bargain.

2. It’s a very efficient way to learn. There’s not much to do other than open the book and read. This is much more time-efficient than driving to the local university, parking, walking, sitting in class, and driving back home.

    • On top of that, you can read a lot faster than any professor speaks. Reading cuts out the middleman and speeds your acquisition of knowledge.

3. Reading can help you to fall asleep. Studies show that reading before bed reduces the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

    • However, it’s important to avoid reading from a lighted screen, which can increase the time necessary to fall asleep. Tablets are great for storing a lot of books in a small space but avoid using them around bedtime.

4. You have access to the thoughts of the world’s leading experts. Many of the most brilliant and relevant minds that have ever walked the earth have recorded their thoughts in written form. You can learn from the very best without having to leave your home.

5. It’s good for your brain. Reading has been shown to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s and enhance memory. It’s also been linked to enjoying a longer lifespan. If your goal is to live to see your 100th birthday, reading can help.

6. Reading is good for your vocabulary. Most people only know 2-3% of the words in the English language. So, you’re not likely to learn any new words during a typical conversation. However, it’s easy to find a book that uses words outside of your current vocabulary.

7. Reading can be a good form of entertainment. Reading is better in many ways than watching TV or surfing the internet. It’s a worthwhile and inexpensive way to spend your time. It’s not hard to find something to read on a topic that interests you.

8. Readers are more interesting. Imagine talking to someone that’s read books on climbing Mount Everest, the geopolitics of the middle east, breeding reptiles, and aeronautical engineering. That would be a pretty interesting person to have a conversation with. You can be that person.

9. Reading reduces stress. Reading has been shown to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. Reading is a great way to get your mind off your problems and relax for a while.

Make reading a daily habit. It’s inexpensive, relaxing, entertaining, and educational. Imagine how much you would learn if you just read 10 pages a day. That’s over 3,500 pages a year! That’s a lot of information.

Reading eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel. You can learn from the failures and successes of the greatest minds in human history.

Reading is ultimately a tremendous timesaver. Think of how much more you could accomplish if you had the knowledge of an expert at your fingertips.

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