Why You Should Read More

Just about everyone should spend more time reading. It’s cheap, educational, entertaining, and a great way to work out your brain. It’s also an effective way to expand your understanding of the world.

There’s nothing to dislike about reading. Whatever you’d like to know more about, there’s a book written about it.

How much time do you spend reading right now? What could you accomplish if you read for 30 minutes each day and applied that information to your life?

Change your life for the better! Consider these benefits of reading:

1. It’s cheap education. Amazon has a lot of Kindle books available for fee. The library is free. Sitting in the bookstore and reading is free. Purchasing a book is normally quite inexpensive, too.

    • You can learn so much for so little money. There’s an endless amount of information available in books.

2. It’s cheap entertainment. Some people love to learn new information. Others prefer to read fiction. There are benefits to both. Regardless of your preferences, there are books out there that will entertain you. Most people enjoy reading if they find a book that interests them.

    • You don’t need to leave the house or spend any money to entertain yourself. All you need is a book.

3. It’s great for your brain. Reading has been shown to increase brain activity and memory. Reading can also enhance sleep. Reading before bed can relax your mind and become a signal that it’s time to prepare for sleep. Try reading each night for at least 10 minutes immediately before bed.

4. You broaden your perspective. For most of us, our surroundings don’t change a lot. The people we interact with don’t change much either. One of the best ways to get a new perspective on a topic – or life – is to read.

    • You’re not going to learn about Russian history or the finer points of international economics from your current situation. Do you have a friend that can fill you in on Jainism? Probably not.

5. A book is like a portable expert. The greatest minds of all time have written books.

    • You can’t afford to hire the world’s movers and shakers to come to your house for a chat. And many of the most influential people of history are no longer with us. But, you can find their words and ideas preserved in books. The world’s greatest experts are always available to you.

6. Relaxation. Reading can be very relaxing. It’s a great distraction. Each book can be its own adventure that carries your mind and attention away. Allow your mind to forget about your challenges for a while.

    • Reading has been shown to be a better stress reducer than listening to music, playing video games, or going for a walk.

7. Enhanced focus. Those that read regularly score higher on tests that measure the ability to concentrate and focus. If your attention span is poor, consider giving reading a try. You’ll gain numerous benefits, including greater focus.

    • Reading requires the ability to not only pay attention to the words, but to also think and visualize. This is a lot of work for your brain to accomplish. Reading works your brain in a unique way.

It’s easy to see why reading is such a great activity. You can expand your vocabulary, save money, and develop your brain while entertaining yourself. You’ll become a more interesting person and learn more about yourself. All you have to do is spend a few minutes reading each day. What are you doing tonight?

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