New Research Reveals a Surprising Link Between Soda and Fertility

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You know that soda can be dangerous for your health. It’s packed with sugar, preservatives, and carbohydrates. However, did you know that it can also affect your fertility?

Before you reach for another can of soda or another bottle of pop, consider the new research on its health impact. Soda can do more than add pounds to your frame. It can hurt your fertility and ability to have children along with other issues.

Consider these facts:

  1. New research on fertility and soda. A new study that appeared at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference found a link between reduced fertility and soda.
  • Researchers studied 524 women and focused on the quality of their eggs and embryos.
  • They found that women who had more sweeteners in their diet had lower quality eggs. They noted that saccharin and sucralose are common sweeteners in drinks, and artificial sweeteners found in diet soda are particularly dangerous.
  • This means that drinking soda can affect your fertility. Lower quality eggs make it harder to have a pregnancy and sustain it.
  1. Other health concerns about soda. Soda isn’t just dangerous for your fertility. It can hurt you in other ways, too:
  • Soda is linked to dental caries. Soda has a high sugar content and is very acidic, so it affects the enamel of your teeth and can create cavities.
  • Soda has been linked to diabetes. Multiple studies have found that diet soda can lead to weight gain and diabetes. The main issue is that your body is confused by the lack of calories in diet soda and starts craving them. You end up eating more high-calorie foods to make up for it.
  • Soda is linked to metabolism issues. Drinking diet soda results in increased feelings of hunger. Your body becomes confused by the lack of calories. Then, you crave food and end up overeating. Soda can stimulate your appetite in a negative way.
  • Even if you don’t drink diet soda, you fill up with empty calories, which lack the nutrition to sustain your body.
  1. How to end your soda habit. If you’re worried about the health impact of soda, it’s time to change. It’s not easy to stop drinking soda because research shows that sugar is addictive.
  • If you want to be successful, the first step is to realize why you want to quit soda. Is it the weight gain? The fertility concerns? Other health issues? Knowing your reason helps you stay motivated as you quit.
  • Be prepared. Realize that soda withdrawal is real. You’ll crave this sugary drink and go out of your way to get it. However, you can take steps to reduce withdrawal and make it less likely that you’ll cheat.
  • To begin the quitting process, start reducing the amount of soda you drink each day. You can cut it down by one drink at a time. Replace that drink with something healthier like water.
  • As your body adjusts slowly to the reduced soda, start working on ways to completely eliminate it. Try to get the number of soda cans or bottles in your diet down to one each day. You can do it with a goal in mind. Once you’ve reduced your intake to just one, then it will be easier to eliminate it.

Soda is a hard habit to break, but it’s important to be aware of what it’s doing to your body. It can negatively affect your fertility. It can also impact your health in other serious ways. Start reducing the soda in your diet today. Your body will thank you!

Read This Later - Click Here Get A PDF

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