How Truly Harmful is an Emotional Affair?

Is an emotional affair just as harmful for a relationship as a physical affair? Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to save a relationship after any type of affair. It can destroy trust between partners and create an enormous amount of pain.

Learn more about emotional affairs, the risks, and the damage they cause:

1. Understand the differences between affairs. There are clear differences between emotional and physical affairs:

* A physical affair requires that you or your partner become intimate with another person and cheat.

* An emotional affair might not have any physical components. You may never even meet the person in real life. However, you share thoughts and feelings with that person that can hurt your current relationship.

2. How emotional affairs affect relationships. Emotional affairs can negatively affect relationships in many ways.

* First, an emotional affair creates a rift between you and your partner. Your partner will most likely feel betrayed and hurt by the affair.

* In an emotional affair, you may confide intimate details with a stranger that you don’t share with your partner.

* You may consider ending your current relationship and leaving your partner permanently because of the affair.

* Children can be hurt too, and they may feel betrayed or scared.

3. Why emotional affairs are dangerous. Some people think that emotional affairs aren’t dangerous because they’re not physical. However, there are other aspects to consider.

* If the affair occurs online, you may be sharing intimate and personal details with a stranger who can exploit you, your family, or one of your other connections, like your boss.

* You can be blackmailed because of an emotional affair.

* You may destroy your marriage or relationship because of this affair. Your children may turn away from you.

* You may become emotionally invested in someone who isn’t interested in you.

* You may jeopardize your career and hurt your chances of a promotion. Your boss may discover the affair and fire you.

4. Risks of emotional affairs. There are many risks involved with emotional affairs.

* The biggest issue is that emotional affairs introduce secrets and lies into your life. Deception takes hold, so your relationship suffers. You worry about your partner finding out about the new person. You try to hide them and the affair.

* There’s a risk that you may fall in love with the other person. If you do fall in love, how will your family react? Will you be able to continue in your current relationship, or will it end?

* Another risk is that you may be tempted to turn an emotional affair into a physical one. This can create many dangers, such as the possibility of blackmail, the transmittal of diseases, and the chance of pregnancy. You may come between the new love’s relationship with a different partner, which can lead to jealousy and revenge.

* The risk of losing your current partner is high because of an emotional affair. They may not be able to forgive you. Are you able to handle a separation, divorce, child support, or alimony? Are you prepared to end a relationship because of an emotional connection to another person that may not be real?

Emotional affairs can be devastating for a relationship. They can create wounds that take time to heal, and sometimes the relationship may not survive. Before you’re involved in an emotional affair, think through the risks and consider the consequences.

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