Weight Loss ‘clarity’ Still Confusing

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With all the profound, prolific, often professional and proven facts you can find in this world to clearly help you lose weight, countless individuals still suffer from lack of knowledgeable solutions. It’s no small wonder why the saga continues.

Three Challenging Reasons

There are three main reasons why burning fat and getting rid of excess or unwanted pounds remains such a large challenge.

Would you like to know what they are?

1. Lack of A “YOU-Centered” Approach in Business.

2. Basic Misunderstanding or Misconception of Human Anatomy and Its “True” Operational Ability and Function…

3. Motivation — That Is, Having Individual Possession of An Absolutely Compelling Reason To Get It Done, and In The Right Way, Too.

One: You – Centered Approach

Let’s look at Number One: Lack of A “YOU-Centered” Approach in Business.

Lack of a “you-centered” approach in business simply means this… within numerous industries (an, diet-exercise-fitness-health-nutrition-weight management isn’t much of an exception to the rule), sales primary production focus lies in “features.” These are: What the weight loss product or service can do; how it’s structured, or why it’s supposed to be so great.

Quite often business, industry, and media seem to forget that “people” or “real” customers pay the salaries and make the businesses run. With that in mind, YOU and YOUR ideas, your comments, needs, feelings, circumstances and suggestions need to become first in the forecast of business and corporate venture.

Until this happens, YOU must seek your weight loss outcome with even more persistence, determination, and care.

Two: Formal Anatomy Misconceptions

Now, let’s look at Number Two: Basic Misunderstanding or Misconception of Human Anatomy and Its “True” Operational Ability and Function.

In today’s society, the hard cold fact is this… unless you’ve dedicated your life to, and /or spent/invested thousands of dollars into an accredited nationally or internationally recognized and formal program of biomechanics, anatomy, reflexology, physiology, athletic training, or exercise science and dietetics… you are bound to lack the most firm grasp on the “inner workings” of the human body.

In other words, the only way to master a thing is to practice it. Yet, how can you rehearse your routine with correct and clear understanding when you have not broken it down, piece by piece, reassembled it again, and documented your findings and outcomes over and again, plus noted differentiations, subtleties, and idiosyncrasies?

Without such knowledge (either your very own, or the assistance, guidance and availability of a caring and reliable resource person or organization), you may be stuck with antiquated ideas like: 1) weight lifting makes me too bulky, so I won’t add the resistance training component to my weight loss workouts; 2) I’m doing my abdominal crunches every day, so why am I still so fat or overweight around the middle?… and 3) I already cut back on my food intake, so why aren’t I losing weight? In a nutshell, gaining genuine comprehension of human anatomy and its true operational ability and function provides answers to all of the above questions, very accurately, AND this solution empowers your command to DEMAND timely and guaranteed weight loss results for your own life.

Three: Compelling Motivation Consequence

Finally, let’s consider Number Three: Motivation — That Is, Having Individual Possession of An Absolutely Compelling Reason To Get It Done, and In The Right Way, Too.

Your motivational trigger can be a pleasant one, or a painful one. Yet, you can turn even a painful experience into a positive weight management cause. For the word “motivation,” allow me to offer you the “renewed” and much more highly useful definition…

Motivation centers around being absolutely convinced regarding the consequences of your adequacy or inadequacy at improving your performance. Put simply, you’ve got to find the strongest reasons that make you stick to at least the minimum daily requirements for weight loss progress. Without necessary motivation, your effort succumbs to the “half-baked” style for getting things done.

More often than not, individuals remain just a few mere points away from reaching their threshold breaking potential on a consistent basis. And, motivation (that is, the kind we just talked about) in such cases gives you the added intellectual “spark” that ignites the flame for more intense activity almost “exactly” when you need it.

Such an advantage can literally make the difference between, let’s say, pumping out a 50-minute aerobic sessions at 125 heart beats per minute, or only performing a 25-minute session at only a mere 115 heart beats per minute. That’s a gain or loss of about 325 extra calories in your per-day workout.

When adopting the first example above, your “motivated” session style gets you the added advantage of losing about 300 “extra” calories per day. That gives you a total of approximately 500 calories lost on each workout day.

This eventually translates to 22 pounds of extra body fat lost per year!

Thorough aerobic targeted training workouts can offer you up to 10 or more calories per minute of fat burning potential. Yet, the average person usually only reaches 5 or 6 calories per minute during a normal workout.

Therefore, implement motivation to take you farther. Use your intentionally focused and direct weight loss clarity to achieve markedly improved fat-burning results.

In Summary:

Are you clear now? There’s a lot of information out there. But the hidden secret is to become aware of those “other” factors (like the ones we’ve mentioned here) that contribute equally, if not more, to the way you approach losing weight through healthy lifestyle changes.

You can see that clarity is about knowledge… wisdom is a process involving awareness, accountability, and action. Make every reasonable attempt to see your way CLEARLY through to weight loss success.

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